Our Work

Our community and economic development work falls into the following focus areas:
  • Local Food Systems - We work with and support community leaders to connect local network of farmers, businesses, nonprofit organizations, aggregators, distributors, wholesale buyers and consumers to create a local food system. We have found local food systems can be a strong force for realizing community and economic development goals across a rural communities. It helps local farmers generate income, creates jobs, supports local entrepreneurs, and strengthens the local economy. Click here to learn more about McIntosh SEED's local food systems work.

  • Youth Engagement and Enrichment - By encouraging youth to be engaged within their local communities, we are encouraging their sense of ownership and commitment to the overall well-being of the places they live. Additionally, we are developing the next generation of leaders who will inspire local innovation and sustainability in the county. Click here to learn more about our youth engagement and enrichment programs.

  • Heritage and Cultural Tourism - Heritage and cultural tourism helps to preserve and promote the culture of our ancestors while also creating opportunities to create jobs, support local businesses, and generate tax revenue for the county. Click here to learn more about our heritage and cultural tourism programs.

  • Land Preservation - "The source of life is the land" Environmental preservation and land retention helps to sustain communities, creates wealth, and promotes healthy living. Residents are encouraged to be good stewards of the land. Good agricultural and sustainable environmental practices are conducted in workshops and are being developed on-site at a forested demonstration lab. Click here for more information.

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