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McIntosh S.E.E.D.

Transforming Communities By Transforming Lives

McIntosh SEED’s rural community development work begins with engagement, education and empowerment of community members. When scaffolded with opportunities for economic development that is locally-owned and locally controlled, along with infrastructure improvements, communities are becoming more resilient and self-sustaining.

USDA Grant to Improve Equity in Conservation Programs

Climate solutions are a priority for USDA. The Department is developing a comprehensive strategy centered on voluntary incentives, that is inclusive for all agricultural producers, landowners and communities.

SFLR Newsletter
May 2022

SFLR exists to create a sustainable system of support for African American forest owners that significantly increases the value of African American owned forests, land retention, and asset development for Black families in the U.S. South.

Article: Marguerite Casey Foundation

Marguerite Casey Foundation was founded in 2001 to help support a movement of low-income families advocating on their own behalf for change. We strive to bring humility and hope to our work. We believe that significant positive change is not only possible, but absolutely necessary.

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Video: Deep South Community Agriculture

The Deep South has a strong agricultural history, but too many resources are concentrated in the hands of a few. Now a group of African American farmers in Mississippi and Alabama are banding together to serve local customers in three budding “hot spots,” to increase their yields and application of sustainable farming practices, to develop capacity and inroads to access larger markets, to engage young people — and to redefine farming as a path to prosperity.

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Video: The Deep South Wealth Creation Network

Cheryl Peterson, Co-Manager of the Deep South Wealth Creation Network, talks about the success factors that were critical to the growth of the 12-member network, which addresses issues of agricultural value chains. She credits the collaboration of the intermediary organizations and other stakeholders.

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Video: John Littles - Formation and Focus of McIntosh SEED

John Littles, of McIntosh S.E.E.D. discusses the formation and focus of McIntosh SEED with the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation. 

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Video: Cheryl Peterson - Working in Rural Areas

Cheryl Peterson, of McIntosh S.E.E.D. discusses working in rural areas with the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation. 

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Video: McIntosh SEED - Southern Partners Fund

McIntosh SEED discusses the impact of investments in rural communities. Funding support from Southern Partners Fund.

Podcast: What we’re doing now will affect generations

An interview with Leadership Expert and Forester Tom Davidson as part of Season 7 of the podcast, featuring the community of landowners, educators and administrators of the Sustainable Forestry and African American Land Retention Program (SFLR), which is supported by the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the U.S. Forest Service.