Voter Engagement

McIntosh S.E.E.D.

Transforming Communities By Transforming Lives

McIntosh SEED’s rural community development work begins with engagement, education and empowerment of community members. When scaffolded with opportunities for economic development that is locally-owned and locally controlled, along with infrastructure improvements, communities are becoming more resilient and self-sustaining.

Voter Engagement

McIntosh SEED partnered with the local chapter of the NAACP, Leaders of Faith-Based Organizations, the Ministerial Alliance, and community leaders to implement voter engagement strategies.

McIntosh SEED organized faith-based organizations and local pastors to address issues of voter education, voter registration, and voter turnout. McIntosh SEED launched an issues campaign to target non-voters, which included voters who have not voted in the last two elections, non-registered voters, and absentee voting procedures.

After analyzing voting data and surveying unregistered voters, McSEED’s strategy was to create a “voter-friendly” environment at the polls.  To decrease fear and intimidation of the election process, McSEED implemented a strategy of utilizing community leaders and recognizable faces for poll monitors and poll workers in upcoming elections.

Through the voter engagement process, the goals were as follows:

Register over 1500 voters – Both new and renewed voters.

Partner with existing networks and coalitions working on voting education, registration, and recruitment.

Build local and regional networks/coalitions to address issues of voting education, registration, recruitment, and voter fraud.

Develop a plan to address voter suppression tactics such as, voter identification (ID) requirements and implement strategies that will make it easier for youth and seniors to obtain the identification needed in order to vote.

Partner with ProGeorgia

McIntosh S.E.E.D. continues its GOTV Voter Engagement Work

McIntosh SEED is using the following communication strategies to engage donors:
Churches, special community events, membership, flyers, door-to-door, food distribution sites, annual signature event, “Blessing of the Fleet,” electronic and social media platforms such as: email, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, and Skype and the utilizing the resources of ProGeorgia.

Gallery of McIntosh Voter Engagement